Are you tired of paying costly electric bills? Do you want to find a way to reduce your energy costs while also actively protecting our environment? Consider a solar energy system from Energy Concepts ABQ! It’s our mission to not only help our clients save money on their electric bills, but we are also dedicated to helping as many homes, farms and ranches as possible to work towards a greener initiative! With the help of our trained and experienced solar energy designers, we’ll create a customized system that will maximize your energy efficiency!

Whether you are interested in a roof-mounted or ground-mounted solar energy system, our design team will work hard to create a layout that fits your exact energy needs, which significantly reduces your monthly energy bills!

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Sunny Days Ahead!

We will design a solar energy system for any type of roof; including tile, asphalt shingle, metal or flat roof. Even mobile & manufactured homes will benefit from going solar!

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