‘World’s First’ Solar-Powered train to begin operation in Australia

We “found a dilapidated train, restored it, and are powering it with a 4.6 billion year old power source” is how Jeremy Holmes, development director of the Byron Bay Railroad Company succinctly summarized the mission of the world’s first solar-powered train project. The train, designed to be powered fully by solar panels and electric motors, goes into service this weekend, … Read More

Will My Solar Power System Work at Night or When It’s Cloudy?

The question “Will my solar power system work at night or when it’s cloudy?” is a main concern for many! This concern arises quite frequently when considering a solar power system for a home, business, or ranch. In this blog, we are going to break down this question to give you the answer you may have been pondering! Our goal … Read More

Why Albuquerque is One of the Best Cities for Solar

Imagine solar power systems in Seattle, Washington – kind of hard to picture, right? While solar energy is a positive no matter where you’re located, it’s just the truth that in an area that has constant cloud cover and rain, solar panels don’t work as efficiently. However, quite the opposite can be said for Albuquerque, New Mexico! With New Mexico … Read More

Celebrities Making an Impact: You Can Too!

Celebrities have such an impact on our society, but not always for the reasons you may think! Many celebrities are trying to make the world a cleaner, more environmentally friendly place for future generations. Their work with organizations around the world is helping to combat global warming, provide clean water, use renewable resources and so much more! Here are just … Read More

The Solar Industry is on the Rise

Solar industry growth in the US is expected to almost triple over the next five years and surpass 100 GW nationwide. Over the last 5 years, the cost of solar installation in New Mexico has dropped 64%, giving homeowners and businesses more reason to go solar! 158,000 homes are currently powered by solar in New Mexico and is expected to … Read More