Why Solar?

How much are you paying for your electricity? Chances are you’re paying far more than you should. Why purchase power from the utility grid when the energy you need for your home is shining right above you? The sun is a free and clean energy source that will save you from those rising electricity costs.

Not only will you see a great return on investment from your solar energy system, the renewable energy that is produced is also good for the environment. Unlike other energy sources, solar power does not pollute the air with harmful emissions such a fossil fuel.

Six Reasons to go Solar!

  • Energy Security

    Solar power offers energy security and peace of mind that you’ll have power when you need it most.

  • Energy Independence

    Reduce your dependence on big energy companies and hedge against rising energy costs by producing your own energy without lifting a finger.

  • Environmental Impact

    Solar power is one of the world’s cleanest energy sources.

  • Return on Investment

    Investment in solar panels have outperformed the SP500, and the solar industry has grown a whopping 1600% in the last 10 years!

  • Increased Property Value

    Studies indicate that solar homes have the potential to sell for more than non-solar homes by even more than the cost you pay for the solar. This may allow you to recover your investment when you sell your home!

  • Fun!

    What’s more fun than producing your own clean energy from beautiful New Mexico sunshine?